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Get 40 New Patient Opportunities Per Month

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So...what if you had a system that predictably produced your desired amount of the patients you want every single month?


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What if you had a reliable marketing department at a fraction of the cost that...


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→ Produces measurable results over the long-term and continually focuses on long-term solutions (Creating strong foundations and duplicatable processes your practice can use to sustain growth or expand into new locations).


→ Stays on top of marketing trends so you don't have to... (No more sleepless nights trying to figure out the latest shiny object that MIGHT produce the results you desire IF you buy their coaching course for only $1997).


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You'd no longer be at the mercy of relying on an unpredictable revenue source like how many organic referrals you get...


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How would it FEEL to wake up 30 days from today, look out your bedroom window and SMILE knowing you're more than on your way to exceed the goals you've set for yourself?


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What difference would it make in your relationship with your spouse or your kids to be able to take them on a quarterly vacation ANYWHERE you wanted WITHOUT stressing out about the sh*t-storm you're going to come back to when you get home?


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Get 3̶0̶ 40 New Patient Opportunities Every Single Month or We Work the Next Month for FREE!

$18,000 in New Dental Implant Cases

*Case study coming soon

30 Dental Implant Leads in 30 Days



11 Prepaid Appointments

6 New Dental Implant Cases 

$54,000 in New Dental Implant Cases

-Leads closed: 34

-Front-end revenue: $1.6k

(paid for appt over phone)

-Doc's projected rev from new implant cases: $60k+

34 New Patient LTV ($650 ADA Average): $22,100

Dental 42 Leads.png

43 Dental Implant Leads in 30 Days



15 Prepaid Appointments

7 New Dental Implant Cases (one all-on-4)

We're so confident you'll LOVE our program that if we don't deliver on our promise, we'll work the next month - completely free.

Apply now to start generating new patients and grow your practice.