How a Spontaneous Move to Denver

Led to the Birth of Drive Digital

After college, I was given the amazing opportunity to transfer anywhere in the US with my employer to start my career.


Denver was the place. Beautiful landscape, mild winters, and the idea of knowing no one but my girlfriend Kelly (now wife) was incredibly intriguing to me at the time. It sounded like one hell of an adventure.


And at 23 years old, I was naive enough to pull it off. :)


When we moved to Denver in early 2014, we literally had one dollar left once we got the keys to our apartment. We threw ourselves onto our air mattress, had a few beers, and called it a night.


“We did it!”


My job was in outside sales, working with around 50 accounts under my name. I was spending every single day working with local small business owners, and as each day passed by, the reality that I could start my own business became a raging fire in my mind...


I just didn’t know what kind of business I wanted to start. I didn’t know how to translate my passions into a business!


I invested in a trading course, learned the ins and outs of stock option trading, but didn’t have any money to invest IN trades. I got really obsessed over it, paper traded with $100,000 in my account like it was my own, but that’s as far as I got. I never made enough money while living there to practically invest in trades myself.

Little did I know, that this passion would be the driving force to finding myself in the business I was meant to start after another year of "searching."


After awhile, the reality that we were only seeing family a couple times a year didn’t seem worth it. I had a little niece and nephew that I was watching grow up on Facebook and Snapchat. We wanted to move back home.


So I transferred back to Minnesota, and that’s where my entrepreneurial journey began!


One day, my wife started making wedding signage for our wedding, and realized that she could make a business out of creating custom wedding decor for other brides.


Kelly worked nonstop for 6 months, and 600 orders later, she quit her job. Soon after, the incredible demand exceeded our ability to create product as long as I was working full-time.


We reached an ultimatum - either we hire someone to help, or I quit my job and work on the business full-time.


I put in my two-weeks notice.


Fast-forward 3 months, and the business I was meant to start became clear. I was creating ads for our product online, putting in $1,000 and getting a $3,000 return each month, consistently.


I thought to myself… “hey, I could start doing this for other businesses!”


So in November 2016, Drive Digital Marketing was born.


Thanks to my amazing wife, I was able to devote all of my time to creating this business.


The beginning was rough - I learned the ins and outs of the business, but it never really took off right away. Part of it was being in a small town, with not a lot of people willing to try a new way to market their business. The other part in hindsight, was my lack of belief in myself that I could make it as a small business owner.


In March of 2017, we decided to pack our bags again and move to Kelly’s hometown - Madison, WI.


The move has allowed our businesses to flourish. We now have clients in various industries, and are truly making a difference in our community.


If you want to grow a business sustainably, there really is no other way. If what we have to offer isn’t right for you, that’s it.

We don't just want to "do business with people". We want to build strong relationships with our clients, and serve them in the best way possible in every situation.


Today I have a business I’m proud of, my wife is proud of me, and we have little baby Evalia. Life is good.